Watiets treated us to a lovely dinner.
We discussed the things we did, the things we wished we’d done and the things we should have done.
We made plans for September, things we wish to do.
At the restaurant the waiter was wearing a great but not very waitery outfit. He was very good at taking the comments he got for being dressed funny. He said he studied fashion, and therefore needed to think of his image. He was very good at being a fashion designer working as a waiter. He was very Watiets.

Watiets is very good at doing a certain something, in dreaming and investigating, in being curious and creative.
Watiets wishes to become a lot better at knowing exactly how things are to be done. How to construct or modify a shoe? How to design and print a book?

We wish to be as the waiter, to know that you are good at a certain something.




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