Well, the new year started with a blast,
half of Watiets travelled to HK and China mainland for super inspirational courses by the Footwearists.
Apart from seeing, hearing and learning a lot, China is a great source of inspiration, in any way possible.
For instance, how does one deal with a dancing and singing Panda-dressed birthdaycake delivery?
Or, shopping knee length trousers, or shopping at Teeny Weeny warehouse for clothes…

Then, what we find truly exciting, is how companies put large goals,
or if you wish -all years resolutions- to building surfaces.
Clearly imprinting employees, visitors, neighbors, with their often very good key principles, to good life and good business.
We thought, lets do as the Chinese do and therefor posted our -new year, all year resolutions- to the head of
Watiets website, in our banner.
For us to keep reminding ourselves and you, dear Watietsers,
to our goals, wishes, well, to all we find applicable for Watiets really. Enjoy!


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