Well, Watiets started this year feeling lucky, despite not winning the lottery, 2020 sounded promissing, we couldn’t wait!

That turned out just a little different then we imagined.
Oh yes, there were many good things. All our loved ones are healthy and well, we still have humor,
we watched Harald being born (more on him later!) and we are allowed to do fun stuff.
This year was, generally speaking, rather shitty, but it could’ve been a lot worse. So in the end, we were indeed, lucky!

For 2021 we decided to anticipate on the luck bit, and so we wish to share with you the best of it.

Whether you believe in rainbows or horse shoes or lucky dolls or wishbones, if it makes you feel lucky, its for you!

Bring it on, 2021, with the best of luck from Watiets.



3 years ago · Reply

Wat een fijne wens. Ik wens ‘m terug: alle goeds en geluk, wijsheid, geduld en vooral plezier gewenst!


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