Well, the new world and the new year require lots of creativity.
No Problemo, thats what we love, here at Watiets.
Lock down? Right, we need local exploring.
Home school? We can sleep in late and have pyama breakfasts with books. No restaurants? Great, lets bake!
If the world is small, we can at least still thínk Big, Far and Adventurous.

We will keep the eyes on the horizon, we shall make sure to swear out loud if we get frustrated, we shall eat lots of cake, we shall grow fat and do some exercise, we will watch lots of movies and build all our Lego bricks,
and we will potty train the toddler.
Há, 2021 boring? Not a chance.



3 years ago · Reply

Yesss that’s the spirit. I’ll happily follow you all 🙂


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