Well, sometimes the obvious really is the best way forward.
We cóuld wish you, and ourselves for that matter, many lovely and intelligent things,
but we decided 2022 was a year for the practical way.
We were resolved to solve many of your, and our, problems.
From flooding gardens to cut contours and flying squirls, Harald, pre-verbal parrots, you name it we did it.
Therefore we are very much looking forward to what 2023 will bring!
In the midst of all the current global turmoil,
we thought the best wish for this Christmas would also be one in the practical scope:
Dear all, stay well, with the warmest wishes from Watiets.



1 year ago · Reply

Dank en hetzelfde gewenst! Gestaag en zo gelukkig mogelijk voorwaarts 😘 🎄


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