Watiets got to spend the day at DDW23, a deep dive into the finest and newest Dutch Design has to offer. Obviously, as the event is called DDWeek, and not DDDay, there was hardly enough time to see half of what was on show. Still, Watiets had a great time. As always, the general filosofical side of coping with global problems was the general theme. But there was lots of room for micro problemsolving, humor, probing the mind to change bit by bit instead of scaring it away.
Watiets saw clever, fun, beautiful invitations to think about big and heavy subjects, leaving us curious and hopeful!
Picture this: chronic health!

Gaia, how are you today? http://@yfeiig
De Frontlinie http://loispagie.nl
The Bilocating Designer http://daneames.com
martha nash
MarthaMarthaMarthaCoin http://@marthapanash


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